James S. Kemper

James S. Kemper

Grant Awards by the James S. Kemper Foundation

(Revised August, 2014)
Since most of the Kemper Foundation’s effort focuses on operating the 65-year-old Kemper Scholars Program, this year the Foundation asked the IRS for and received a change in status from being a “private foundation” to being a “private operating foundation.”

While we explore the implications of this change, the Foundation has decided to discontinue its grants program. Hence the Foundation will issue no invitations for proposals nor consider unsolicited proposals until further notice.

The Foundation’s Board has initiated a period of planning the future. Consequently, we cannot say how long the hiatus in grant funding will last.

We are grateful to the institutions and organizations to which we have made grant awards in the past for their partnership in helping the James S. Kemper Foundation achieve its mission.